How stressful is it to start over? Getting out of a divorce, older children moving out of the family home, or helping a parent downsize. Being baby boomers, and having had to face these adversities first hand, we know how stressful all this can be. This is the reason Resettle came about.

Most of us are in the height of our careers and do not have the extra time to tackle these important issues nor do we necessarily want to deal with the tedious start up tasks and emotions that go along with resettling ourselves, our children, or our parents.

Why not let Resettle do it all for you?

Leisa Edberg & Billie Edberg

My name is Leisa I am a baby boomer while my daughter Billie is a millennial. Together we are modern yet mature and above all-professional. We strive for excellence in taking care of our clients needs and requests. We have been very successful, and have established great relations with our clients.

Resettle deals with only reputable companies for all the services that we provide. Our services include everything from decorating, making phone calls to changing addresses, as well as arranging moving trucks and cleaning crews. We will wait the long periods of time for the hookups such as the cable company to arrive. The list of what needs to be done for a move are endless.

Together myself and Billie bring a lot of life experience as well as the experience we have gained with our venture – Resettle. We ensure the utmost of satisfaction to our clients.

Resettle is a concierge service that will meet all your needs and wants. By choosing us we are confident you will be absolutely comfortable in starting your new beginnings.